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Verify that everyone is safe. Check for injuries, when in doubt, please dial 911.

STEP 2: Do not discuss the incident with other parties. Limit your discussion of the incident to the police and your insurance agent. Do not admit fault.

STEP 3: Write down contact information for all parties involved. Include names, phone numbers, and insurance information. In addition to contact information write details about incident. Remember to stay organized.

STEP 4: If your phone has a built in camera, take pictures to preserve the scene for later review.

STEP 5: Use the contacts listed below to file a claim directly with your insurance carrier.

  1-866-747-6931           kemper logo 


  1-800-877-0226             1-800-503-3724
  1-888-607-2879             1-800-550-6161
  1-800-833-2244             1-214-447-7933
  1-800-325-9559             1-866-905-4461
  1-877-437-5007             1-800-274-4499
  1-877-285-1296             1-888-224-7740
  1-866-424-6726             1-800-334-1661
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